Daily Archives: 4 November 2010

Announcing LoSoRhyMo

Everywhere else it’s NaNoWriMo – [inter]National Novel Writing Month for those who don’t retain camel-abbreviations. I’ve decided that here it’s the much less ambitious LoSoRhyMo, or Local Sonnet Rhyming Month. My aim is to write not 30 but 14 sonnets this month. Hang the quality, I’ll just get them done. I plan to stick with, or at least start out with, the version of the sonnet Vikram Seth used in The Golden Gate, and to refer to current domestic events. If (which seems unlikely) you’re drawn to join me in the enterprise, please avail yourself the comments button: feel free to write any kind of sonnet you like, and to cover any subject that takes your fancy.

Sonnet 1: On selling the family home
Our home for more than twenty years
Our haven, our Three Seventeen,
Where children’s laughter, rage and tears,
And adults’ too, and in between
Have filled the air, where stains and scratches,
Dents and holes, loose threads and  patches
Are records of our history
With love’s abiding mystery
Was sold on Tuesday, seven thirty.
Our shell, our outer skin, alive,
We’ll trade for one point five two five.
It’s brick and wood, some bits quite dirty.
We’ll shuffle off to somewhere new:
New owners, may it welcome you.