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LoSoRhyMo 4: Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea deserves more than 14 lines but it’s LoSoRhyMo (Local Sonnet Rhyming Month) in this house so an ekphrastic sonnet is all you’re going to get from me. You could pop over to Richard Tulloch on the Road for some lovely images, wittily presented (where I’ve just seen a comment expecting a sonnet from me – no pressure of course).

Sonnet 4: Sculpture by the Sea
We walk among these waking dreams
from Bondi’s cliffs to Tamarama –
dreams hewn from wood, stone, bronze, from streams
of plastic, garbage given glamour.
Weird weed things weep; a stringybark
man meets an old horse on some dark
grief-stricken shore; a corrugated
iron pair look up with bated
iron breath; a steel key
rolls turf back like a sardine can;
smooth abstract beauty from Japan.
These dream things teach our eyes and we
look round: two shags pose grace to grace,
the shelf below’s awash with lace.

If you’re interested, the handful of sculptures singled out for mention are:

  • Jennifer Orchard’s ‘Weeping Weeds’, a gathering of her ceramic Plantpeople and Plantanimals
  • Stephen King’s “Hello Mate” which got my vote for the People’s Choice Award, pics snapped by the Art Student below
  • Hannah Kidd’s ‘The Sky Is Falling’
  • Mimi Dennett’s ‘The Irresistible Force
  • Any number of Japanese sculptures, but perhaps especially Keizo Ushio’s ‘Oushei Zokei  2010 Circle’ and Toshio Iezumi’s ‘M.100901’, also snapped by the Art Student, below.

Sculpture by the Sea  finishes this weekend. Do go!