Daily Archives: 6 November 2010

LoSoRhyMo 2

Oh oh! If I’m to make my modest target of 14 sonnets in November I should be managing almost one every two days. I’m already falling behind and it’s only the 6th. And it can only get worse from here, for reasons hinted at in Nº 2:

Sonnet 2: Looking to buy
Flexible, unique and charming,
spacious, stylish, redesigned,
with northern sun, and traffic calming,
details of the classic kind,
potential for downsizers’ retreat
in much sought after treelined street,
we seek it here, we seek it there,
our new home could be anywhere,
in Earlwood, Petersham, St Peters,
Marrickville or Hurlstone Park,
(Burwood’s too far off the mark).
At each new door the agents greet us.
We turn up, armed  with cheques, not knives,
Buying, not fighting, for our lives