A parthian shot

The campaign to persuade the O’Farrell government to change its mind about precipitately withdrawing funding from fine art education in NSW TAFE has met with stony silence (if you don’t count the occasional statements by the premier about how he values art). When I saw the fact sheets on the coming changes to the TAFE system, I couldn’t resist:

art killed001


5 responses to “A parthian shot

  1. The arrogance is what strikes most – the assumption of so many politicians who reach the top job that they are therefore all-knowing and know better than anyone else and don’t need at all to respond to those querying their judgement. This is not democracy (at least not the form whereby the people are central and politicians the servants). In other lands and other systems in past times there was a well-established underlying belief that when the leaders did not listen it was a directive from heaven itself that those deaf to the people be turfed out. Your revelations from the propaganda pamphlet (your liberating of the true sub-text) are sad. I live near Newcastle where the push by Barry’s mates in the property development sector to get rid of the rail line from Wickham (near Broadmeadow) into the old city heart proceeds as if the Newcastle Herald is not filled with letters urging its retention in one form or another (light rail one option) especially as the Arts faculty/departments of Newcastle University are to be re-located to the city centre. Then the next official statement appears – making absolutely no reference to the growing volume of protest – that’s all in the past – seems to be the assumption – or else that the people have short memories! The Lord Mayor is a property developer! Orica on Kooragang Island – just adjacent to the Newcastle city centre goes on its merry way polluting here – and denying responsibility in Botany there – and elsewhere – no sign of the inept minister after her first debacles! On educational matters (as you have highlighted) or developments supposedly for the people – statements are issued – the media fed – but never engagement with the citizens – though lots of private meetings with financially significant persons and their gambling casinos – plans for private investment in money-spinning motorways – for second-rate educational engagement!


  2. From reading the last comment it seems that no-one (in the system) hears because no conversations happen between the people who regulate and the people being regulated. What if people just start talking and listening more to each other? Is change already happening at a grass roots level… and will systemic change follow?


  3. Couldn’t agree more with the preceding comments (funnily enough, since I know both of you!) hate to think we’re just talking and listening amongst ourselves.


  4. Sadly, that’s probably exactly the case, Jennifer, but what good company!


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