My two sons and friends

Have a look at this music video, directed by my elder son, featuring the Screaming Rapture of which my younger son is co-creator, music by a friend of them both.

If you saw the Screaming Rapture at last year’s Vivid Festival, you probably would have had no idea it was capable of the kind of complex responsiveness it shows here.

(If the embedding doesn’t work, you can see the clip on YouTube.)

7 responses to “My two sons and friends

  1. I really liked it! My Congratulations, Alex and Liam!


  2. Spectacular – and thought-provoking…at first I had images of One-day or 20:20 cricket uniforms – in 2121…


  3. great stuff. Talented children. .


  4. No, I saw the Vivid gig and I had no idea! This is fun to watch.


    • I’ve been told that they reprogrammed it to make it capable of those more elaborate patterns, and the flashing coloured light was generated by the extremely complex technology of having someone standing behind it waving a filtered bulb around. So I guess this isn’t so much Screaming Rapture showing it’s stuff as Screaming rapture 2.0.


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