Sonnet 2: At the check-out

OK, I’m getting into the swing of 14 lines every couple of days. Here’s my second attempt for the month:

Sonnet 2: At the check-out
I know she has to smile and greet me.
I’ve seen the instructions on her till.
Still, rather that than have her beat me,
cheat me, treat me like a dill.
We meet each other almost daily,
greet each other almost gaily.
Who cares if warmth comes à la carte
from a Woolworths-managed heart?
I trailed along with Mummy shopping
in another world: ‘Hello,
Mr See Yick. How’s your toe?’
‘Oh Mrs Shaw, you’ve seen me hopping …’
Some days would not be nice, they knew,
but with some help they’d see them through.

What do you think?

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