Sonnet 7: Demo

For those who didn’t receive any group emails, recorded phone messages, leaflets, facebook promptings or reminders from actual friends: yesterday was National Day of Climate Action.

Sonnet 7: Demo
Ten thousand had, today in Sydney,
enough sense to stand in the rain
and twirl umbrellas, not stay hid. We
rallied, one link in a chain
of rallies all around Australia
crying out against the failure
of governments who play the role
of sycophants to Old King Coal.
Ten thousand stood with rain god Hughie,
sixty thousand nationwide
who’ll vote, divest, protest, decide
to use renewables, get more cluey.
There’s climate change, heat’s on the rise.
It’s time to change, to organise.

One response to “Sonnet 7: Demo

  1. I rarely find bits from my blog appearing in other places on the Web, so I’m mainly flattered to see this this little verse on the Blue Mountains Union News site with a lovely photo from the demo. My name isn’t attached, but there is a link, so I’m not complaining.


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