A mighty wind

This morning people in my house said to each other, ‘How about that wind?’  Not all the people, mind you: even though I had a disrupted night because of a heavy cold, I didn’t hear a thing. So I was impressed when taking the dog for her afternoon walk  to encounter this proof that the wind had indeed been violent:

Apart from the blue car with the good fortune to be covered by a tarpaulin (whose tarnished bumper bar suggests that the owner might have preferred the insurance bonanza of serious damage), there’s a bright red BMW under those branches, which seems to have escaped with just a few serious dents.

I wasn’t the only one who whipped a phone out in the brief time I was there. Given the state of the light at the time, I’m impressed by how much I managed to capture.

Tomorrow night, after Book Group meets, I’ll  post about The Tree of Man.

What do you think?

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