Not a grocer’s apostrophe in sight

Have a look at this sign in a cake shop in Norton Street Plaza, Leichhardt. Sam Cavallaro probably feels he has crafted a memorable slogan. Clearly he has saved quite a bit of money by not employing a copy writer or an editor. What I love is the way it refuses to yield up a clear meaning. The dollar may lose its value with inflation, but these cakes are good even when they’re stale? No, that can’t be it. Perhaps: our cakes may seem expensive, but you’ll stop worrying about the cost when you actually eat them? But surely that isn’t it either. I know we’re not meant to scrutinise it like this, but honestly it’s not derision I feel but a kind of awe at its koan-ishness.

3 responses to “Not a grocer’s apostrophe in sight

  1. Maybe this is an election special? School of Wyatt?


  2. Maybe ‘You will remember the quality of our cakes long after you’ve forgotten the price’?

    Nice post, anyway.


  3. Will: I can see that young Wyatt has found a place in your personal iconography. Long may he abide there.
    M-H: Thank you. But can you clap with one hand? (And it’s still a lousy sales pitch, because the cakes – though nice – are cheap and forgettable, at least when compared to the likes of Adriano Zumbo.)


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