LoSoRhyMo 8: Sydney suburbs – a sonnet

Inspired by Carol Ruff’s ‘Love in cLOVElly’:

Sonnet 8: What’s in a suburb name?
Clovelly has love, Chippendale’s hip.
In Normanhurst you’ll find a man.
A gal in Wingala can’t give you the slip.
Botany’s always good for a tan
on Erskineville skin. In Killara get ill
and then get iller on Miller’s Point hill.
Oh, rest in Forest Lodge, my friend.
In Asquith quit when near the end.
We each hold a suburb dear to the heart –
perhaps it’s for Kensington you want to sing,
feel awe in Dawe’s Point or wear Kuringgai’s ring,
you’re marked by Haymarket or hard for Leichhardt.
Wherever I am on air, sea or land,
I’m connected by Ann&ale’s ampersand.

7 responses to “LoSoRhyMo 8: Sydney suburbs – a sonnet

  1. Ah, don’t you wish you lived in Lewisham? (It’s a good place for a Christmas sandwich too!)


  2. And alas I live in that phoney ersatz place, named after somewhere in the motherland that it never resembled in the slightest…PeterSHAM.

    Nice little game you’ve started, Jonathan.


  3. I bow to you, oh master of the word art. And you made me laugh first thing in the morning, which is a generally good thing.

    Not sure about hard for Leichhardt though. You may not know it’s known as Dykeheart by some of us who live here. 🙂


  4. Margo: How could I have missed that? Especially as we were just looking wistfully at a house in Lewisham last night.
    Richard: I did have a line about a pet leading the way in Petersham that didn’t make the final cut.
    M-H: I’m shocked that you should read anything ribald into my innocent rhyme. Or perhaps I was misremembring W B Yeats’s ‘Woman can be proud and stiff / When on love intent’.


  5. Oh Jonathan…


  6. Have I said something wrong, Jane?


  7. Bloody good. We’re both roaring here in our Leichardt lovenest.


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