LoSoRhyMo 12: Announcement

I started this month of sonnets with the announcement that we’d sold our house. Read on.

Sonnet 12: Announcement
We’ve bought a house, we sign today,
pay ten percent of far too much
(but we’re in love, so that’s OK).
It’s done up with a loving touch,
it’s near a park  and faces north,
near shops, trains, buses and so forth.
We’re downing size, yes, less is more,
from Three One Seven to Thirty-Four.
Bring us garlands, bring us flowers.
Blow the whistle: end of innings.
Sing a song of new beginnings.
Four signatures, the house is ours.
Soon we fly the empty nest.
We’ve found our home for all the rest.

9 responses to “LoSoRhyMo 12: Announcement

  1. Congratulations! It looks lovely…see you there soon, I hope!


  2. I can’t believe you’ve found it so soon! I looked for nearly six months back in 2003 – and I didn’t think I was that fussy. Congratulations, and very best wishes. So exciting! Which suburb will you be gracing next, then?


  3. Congratulations! Sounds quite charming (though most things do in sonnet form I must admit).


  4. Great news – especially ‘we’re in love’, I hope not just poetic license and that you really have found something to love after Annandale Street.
    Last line made me cry – on both readings so far.


  5. The poetic licence was probably in “far too much”, Jane. We were well within our limit, and do love the place. I worried about the last word: I love the ambiguity because it’s clever, but hate it because it’s not how I want to think about my many remaining years.


  6. I too, loved the last line.


  7. Just caught up with this piece of news!! Where is it? But you will still be at Annandale for Christmas? Photo looks wonderful


    • Still here for Christmas, Mary Ann. We’re moving on about the 20th of January – I don’t suppose it means much to you, but we’re in Marrickville, very close to the border with Enmore, about two minutes walk from Enmore Park and the Annette Kellerman Swimming Pool, and 15 minutes from Newtown Station.


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