Sonnet #3: Not By Ron

I’m making my way through Byron’s ‘Don Juan’ (pronounced Joo-ahn, as everyone except me probably knew) on the iPad. This sonnet’s first six words and other scattered phrases are from Canto the First. Because it’s Melbourne Cup day, I thought I’d work in a little gambling reference.

Sonnet 3: Not By Ron
‘My days of love are over,’ By-
ron wrote when he was thirty. How
the times have changed for lovers. I
met you when twenty-nine, and now
it’s thirty-six years later. ‘Tis
still sweet (long since the first-born’s birth,
the first and passionate love) to kiss
the lips you say have thinned. The earth
will have us soon enough – and then –
what then? – I do not know, or care.
We’ll die somehow, some time, somewhere,
but when that comes I’ll bet you ten
to millions that our loving days
aren’t over. All may change. This stays.

What do you think?

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