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Jennifer Maiden on Poetica

Radio National’s Poetica was dedicated to Jennifer Maiden on Saturday (to be repeated on Thursday evening). For a while, it can be heard at this link:

Pirate Rain

Alice Parkinson and William Zappa read a number of poems from Pirate Rain lucidly (though words like insouciant and equinoctial tripped up the former’s tongue, and the line breaks do something on the page that it seems might be impossible to replicate in reading aloud), and there’s some commentary from the poet, which helps with the George Jeffreys / Clare Collins poems (which on this hearing sound to me like part of an ongoing novel). Maiden talks about the way fiction allows her to come closer to her own self than a lyrical poet–persona would.

Poetica and me

If you have no other pressing engagement at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on 29 October, or on 3 November, or both, you might do worse than listen to Poetica on the ABC. Poetica is broadcast every week at those times, but that particular program will include a reading of one of my poems, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Beyond that, all I know is that the program is entitled Hearing.